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Photo unavailable at this time Hi- Im Terry Thompson & Im the owner of Dry-Tech Carpet Care.

I am also the guy that shows up at your home & does the work.  With Dry-Tech you ALWAYS deal with the owner.  If you are tired of having some unmotivated employee show up who doesnt care if he leaves you pleased with the work then you need to try Dry-Tech & see what a difference it makes to have the owner there doing the work.


Call Anytime

505 275 1145 Albuquerque Metro

I answer my phone day & night
If you do happen to get my Voice Mail leave a message - I'll get back to you within one hour.

22 Years Experience
You get personal attention from me, Terry Thompson,  the Owner.

Works 7 days per week
I will come as early or as late as needed - to accommodate your schedule.

What I do in your home

  • Rake the Carpet to prepare it for vacuuming- this lifts the nap where it has gotten matted & loosens dust, pet hair etc.

  • Completely vacuum the carpet with a heavy duty commercial Vacuum.

  • Pre-treat all spots, stains, traffic areas anywhere that need special attention.

  • I will move all, some, or none of the furniture however you want it done.

  • I include a Deodorizer/ Sanitizer when cleaning.

  • After cleaning I apply a Soil Retardant / Sealer to help keep the carpet clean, slow wear, & to make it easier for you to spot clean between professional cleanings.

  • I then do a final raking - this grooms the carpet & removes the machine marks, lifts the carpet nap to speed drying & most important works the Sealer into the fibers to coat them completely, this is kind of like combing a hair dressing into your hair.

  • Carpets dry completely in a couple of hours.

  • Most Carpet Cleaners charge extra for some or all of these services BUT you never pay extra for them when you have me clean your carpets.

Dry Tech Carpet Care
5850 Eubank Blvd NE #B49-268
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111

All prices quoted are the COMPLETE price.
I do not get half way through the job & try to get more money out of you.


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